Who are we ?

MedRooms was started by Medical Professionals to tackle the in efficiencies of seeking quick placements for housing needs. There has existed a large gap for Health Care Professionals to find suitable arrangements.

What do we offer ?

Our services provide for a trusted, safe, and seamless transaction to meet the constant needs of a large growing base of Health Care Professionals (HPC’s).

We provide services for: Medical students & medical Graduates doing away rotations, nursing professionals seeking short term placements, Physicians (locums,shift work) to find comfortable and reputable sites for accommodation needs.

The growth of subsidized house has exploded over the last decade. Traditional hotels don’t provide the common necessities that healthcare that health care professionals seek. Basic commodities such as kitchens, utensils, and furnishing have also become an issue for those with limited time frames to relocate for for job or placement needs.

What seperates us from others ?

An extensive network of Rooms , studio, Apartments, homes throughout the USA & expanding to 10 + countries. Fully furnished accomodations ith basic appliances, stoves, utensils and kitchen ware.


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